Our story

We seek to instill loyalty, strength & courage through deep-rooted connection. Each one of our products has a deep cultural meaning to help you remember the importance of loyalty, strength, and courage.




While attending school at BYU-Hawaii, we started this company, Shaka Tribe. Working together as first friends, then business partners, and recently newlyweds, we have been through an amazing learning experience.


We exist to inspire loyalty, strength, and courage through deep-rooted connection.

Our original artwork and interpretation of design are inspired by Polynesian patterns that have been passed down for centuries. These patterns can help teach different values in a visual and meaningful way. We hope you can be inspired to connect to your culture and live by important values in your life.


Thank you for supporting us and being a part of fulfilling our vision!


Welcome to the Tribe!

Sam & Chalei Mangakahia

Shaka Tribe