Bring back your roots.

Shaka Tribe Founder

Meet Sam and Chalei

Both of us grew up in diverse homes.

Chalei was born and raised in Las Vegas, NV, with a mixed heritage of Filipino, Chinese, and European. Sam grew up on the east coast of Australia, with a background of Maori, Fijian, British, and Welsh.

As kids, it was easy for us to fall into a place of an identity crisis, not knowing where we fit in. Chalei was constantly teased for being Filipino but not speaking the language. When Sam visited New Zealand, he didn’t feel accepted. We wanted to change this feeling of not belonging.

“You either create your own culture, or you become subject to the one around you.”

After we took the time to learn about our ancestry, values, and who we are, we realized the huge impact it has on our identity. And we know this is the same for all of us.

We hope our message can inspire people not to accept the stereotypes they are “defined” as but rather create an identity based on their divine worth and truths.

Collections of photos from the past
A man writing on his Shaka Tribe Leather Journal

"You will never be able to create a successful business based on a niche culture..."

This belief has shaped our values as an entrepreneur. As a cultural artist and a Polynesian-inspired brand, there are many hardships. Not many people know about the meanings and history of Polynesian art. It’s a constant learning experience of how we can introduce this subject in a simple yet powerful way.

We have often been told that we will never be able to create a successful company based on a niche culture. But to us, success is helping one person at a time to create a more meaningful and positive outlook on themselves and others.

About the Products

The wave inspired leather journal

Each product tells a Story

A wave often correlates with consistency, power, and the highs and lows of life. The moment a wave reaches its highest point is the same moment where it starts to crash down. After each wave that crashes, another one comes right after.

This can represent our consistent efforts in reaching a goal.

Connect to a Value

This design represents strength.

We will not give up as we have strength in ourselves and the people around us. 

Connect to your Culture

These waves that we are riding are the same waves that our ancestors have been on. They are the same waves that our future generations will one day face.

Just like we find strength in our ancestors, we too can do that for those who come after us. We have to write our story and our experiences so that we can give strength for generations.