Mālama 'Aina - "Smelly Goods" | Car fresheners
Mālama 'Aina - "Smelly Goods" | Car fresheners
Hawaii Pack- "Smelly Goods" | Car fresheners
Variety Pack- "Smelly Goods" | Car fresheners
 "Smelly Goods" | Shaka Tribe Car fresheners

Mālama 'Aina - "Smelly Goods"

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This Hawaiian Kapa style pattern represents Mālama 'Aina, or to take care of the land. It can also be interpreted as giving and taking. If you look at the design, you may notice the triangles pointing upwards, representing give, and the opposite direction represents take. In other words, when we receive love, we can be reminded to return the love. As we give generously to the land and people around us, we will be blessed in return. 

SCENT: Ocean

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