Family Activities for a Fun Family Road Trip

The great family road trip is a tapestry of memories, with winding roads, catchy songs, and lots of laughter. Still, it's the things you do on the way that make a trip memorable, not the beautiful sights or interesting places you visit. With a little imagination, a car trip can be more than just a way to get to a place—it can be the place itself.


1. Audio Adventures

Explore the world of CDs and podcasts. There's a theme for everyone, from exciting mysteries to charming stories for kids. Not only are these fun, but they also make you think, which makes hours pass quickly.

2. Play "Road Trip Bingo"

You can make or buy bingo cards with things or places to look for along the way, like cows, certain car colors, billboards, or interesting sites. Whoever gets five in a row first wins.

3. Make an interactive mix by having everyone in the family pick their favorite songs and add them to a shared list.

From old rock to new pop, you'll have a great mix that will get people to sing along and dance.

4. Storytelling Relay

Start a story with one line and have each family member add to it. The more crazy and creative, the better. In the end, you'll have a family story that you can all remember.

5. "I Spy" and "20 Questions"

Classic car games like "I Spy" and "20 Questions" are not only fun, but they also help people improve their ability to observe and think. Plus, they don't need to be made.


6. Keeping a travel diary

Give everyone in your family a journal or sketchbook. Write down what you see, and how you feel, or draw what you see from the window. At the end of the trip, you'll have something to remind you of it.

7. Marking the Map

Using a real map, kids can keep track of the trip by marking the places they've been. It's a disguised geography lesson that makes you feel good about yourself.

8. License Plate Game

Look for license plates from different states or countries. As a game, see who can find the most unusual plates.

9. Stops in beautiful places

Break up the trip with stops in beautiful places. Waterfalls, views, and even strange things along the side of the road can be great places for families to take pictures and stretch.

10. DIY Snack Packs

Before the trip, pack a variety of healthy snacks and treats. Let the kids make their snack bags. It's a journey in food on the road.


11. Tech Time

It's smart to limit how much time you spend in front of a screen, but an hour of a movie or game can be a nice break. Make sure they teach something or are fun for the whole family.

12. Language Games

Going to places where people speak different languages? Play word games or learn simple sentences. It can be used in different ways and will be useful at stops.

13. Nature Observations

If you pass through a rural area or a place with different terrains, look at the changing scenery, plants, and animals and talk about them. It's a biology lesson on the go.


14. Road trip singing

Have a singing party with your family. Let the road be your stage and sing songs that everyone knows.

15. Gratitude Moments

Share one thing you're thankful for from the trip at the end of each day. It helps people feel good and get closer.


Even though the goal of a road trip is often the most exciting part, the trip itself can be just as magical, if not more so. With the above things to do, the miles will go by quickly and be full of fun, learning, and getting to know each other. So, fasten your seatbelts, get on the road, and let the fun begin! Have a good trip and make good memories.


Our Top FAQs

How can I make learning fun while we're on the road?

Education and road trip games can work well together. For example, drawing a map teaches both geography and how to find your way. Language games teach people about other countries and help them learn new words. Observations of nature can be used to teach mobile biology lessons. The key is to show them in an engaging way that makes learning fun instead of boring.

Do you have any apps or games you like to play on the road?

Yes, for sure! Apps like "Roadtrippers" can help you figure out where to go and what to see. People like to play "Heads Up!" and "Geocaching" for fun. The "Stack the States" and "National Geographic Kids" apps are fun ways to learn. But don't forget to balance screen time with other ways to connect.

How can I make sure the kids don't get car sick when we do these things?

To keep people from getting motion sickness, tell them to look out instead of down. Instead of reading or writing, do things like "I Spy" or look at the scenery. Make sure the car has enough airflow, and taking breaks can help. If your child gets car sick often, talk to a pediatrician about how to avoid or treat it.

What if we're going somewhere where there's no internet or signal?

Offline activities don't need to be connected to the internet, like storytelling relay, road trip bingo, the license plate game, and keeping a travel notebook. Also, you can download audiobooks, music sets, and digital games ahead of time so that you always have something to do.

How do we deal with kids of different ages when doing these things?

There are events for people of all ages. Games like "I Spy" or singing along to songs might be fun for younger kids. Older kids might enjoy keeping a trip journal or marking a map. Teamwork, where older kids help or work with younger ones, can make tasks more fun and help kids get closer.

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