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Preserving Cultural Identity in a Globalized World

In a time when ideas, goods, and people can move around the world in a matter of milliseconds, culture preservation has become an important topic of conversation. As globalization makes borders less clear, there is a strong desire to keep ethnic identities separate. 

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The Preservation of Cultural Landscapes and Architecture

Landscapes and buildings are the quiet storytellers of our shared past. They give people a way to touch historical, social, economic, and aesthetic ideals that are important to them. Given how quickly cities are growing and the world is getting smaller, it's more important than ever to protect these pieces of our shared history.

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The Courage to Heal: Overcoming Trauma and Finding Strength

Trauma, by its very nature, leaves a strong mark on the mind, changing how a person sees the world, themselves, and other people. So, getting over trauma isn't just about healing old wounds; it's also about getting your health back and seeing the world through new eyes. This blog talks about the different ways to look at the path to healing and the bravery it takes to start on that path.

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